About Us

Paqart Design is a creative workshop and group specialised in brand and package design.

Since 1991 Paqart Design has been in collaboration with design artists, IT specialists and economists using their active knowledge and experience to achieve the success of Paqart.

In the Hungarian market the foundation of Paqart made us the pioneer, a design studio which has been ceaselessly offering progressive, up-to-date solutions in the areas of graphic design, package and design as well as online presence. We are proud of the many ingenious solutions and industrial innovations Paqart Design hallmarks.

The main owner and one of the founders of the Company has been broadening her professional experience since the 1970s, starting at a design agency in Ireland and following the open, market-oriented thinking as an independent artist that is the key to your success at Paqart Design.


We are proud that many successful young artists have built their strong professional foundation at our Company.

Sustainable development, professional training and sharing our experience are important to us.

The pillar and founder of our Company, with her expertise and knowledge, provides substantial support to the training of future artists. Paqart team actively participates in the training programme of MOME and the Budapest College of Communication and Business, regularly presenting internship opportunities, as well.

Alexandra Nagy, Design Artist, the Executive Manager and Art Director of the Company teaches how to apply computer design technology and the art of package design, too within the confines of art education.

How we work

  • Inspiration

    We listen to your ideas and dreams. The brief will be based on our impressions.

  • Briefing

    To be able to serve our client’s on a high professional level we are helping our clients completing the most useful briefing for the sake of the best result.

  • Creation

    A brief is prepared so that the project you outlined shall be based on solid bases. This brief gives a comprehensive definition of the task.

  • Integration

    The solutions to the task defined in the brief are included in a brand book. We will offer clear and straightforward answers to the application of visual elements.

  • Implementation

    Based on the brand book we will implement and technologize product packages, advertisements and marketing tools. We will create online interfaces.

  • Maintenance and Monitoring

    We offer continuous product and brand monitoring. We make proposals to visual developments. We implement novel ideas.


  • 2015

    Hungaropack Special Award
    Anaconda Professional packaging redesign

  • 2015

    Hungaropack Special Award
    DOMI garlic packaging design

  • 2009

    Hungaropack ’2009

  • 2008

    Hungaropack ’2008

  • 2007

    Hungaropack Special Award

  • 2006

    Hungaropack Special Award

  • 2003

    Geneva International Quality Award Golden Category

  • 2002

    Hungaropack ’2002

  • 1999

    Packprint ’99

  • 2001

    Packprint ’2001

  • 2000

    Hungaropack ’2000

  • 1998

    Worldstar Award

  • 1998

    Hungaropack ’98

  • 1996

    Hungaropack ’96

“The art of marketing is the art of brand building”

Philip Kotler
branding image


Brands are everywhere affecting our lives and shopping habits. You can also communicate with your consumers, convey emotions, fulfil and create needs through brands. The significance of branding lies in the fact that the characteristics, advantages and emotions that we intend to make consumers aware of must be built upon the brand as a unique product. We achieve that brand awareness is applied to individual products – even the latest ones – integrated in the brand.

Brand building is one of the most important marketing tools; it is a key element, the signpost to success.

Branding is the umbrella term for all our activities that contribute to the success of your product; building a modern brand always requires image design, graphic design, package design and web design, and last but not least, marketing.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you already have a built-up brand, and

  • you intend to introduce new products in the market
  • you intend to enter a new market with your products
  • your brands needs development, rethinking, a “facelift”
  • you would like to consciously influence and boost consumer satisfaction

Contact us now and let us build a successful business together.

packaging-design image

Packaging design

Suitable package is much more than just attractive design.

Package design is the key to success; this is what makes the product and its brand clearly identifiable and distinguishable from its market competitors.

Did you know that over 70% of all purchases depend on POS decisions and product choice is made only on the basis of a sudden impulse? Decision-making is affected by the design, more specifically the package design and the thus created momentary impression. We believe that packaging is the most efficient and most direct advertising medium.

We do not simply create. We pay attention to

  • perfect, feasible and economic solutions,
  • promotional opportunities,
  • product competitors and substitute products,
  • details and functionality,
  • display clearly the most significant product characteristics,
  • the needs and habits of the target audience and many other factors so that the product would sell well.

Contact us now to share your ideas and dreams with us.

graphic-design image

Graphic design

Our watchwords are aesthetics and functionality

We aim at making your dreams come true in an immediately recognizable and wonderful manner. These clear-cut requirements play a central role in all design tasks.


is mirrored in the instant message perfect graphics convey, the strong identifiability provided by the harmony of balanced visual elements.


is reflected by everything having its place, reason and sense in the created visual product display.
Our Art Manager as well as all members of the creative staff have tertiary-level professional qualification in art, which – combined with their talent, experience and the technical equipment of the company – enables us to guarantee that the two watchwords of our slogan appear in all our work.
Having been a strong market player for several decades proves that our unique and high-quality work meet our partners’ expectations and have built the road to their success.

Do not hesitate to contact us now


Visual design displays the quality of products or services our partners intend to market, or an image is created of the product quality at the moment the consumer’s decision is made. Our high-quality design strengthens your market presence.

We know the answer to this.

Firstly, we have to “look into” our partners’ minds and help them define their desires and accurately identify their requirements. Secondly, we have to get to know the product inside out. Then potential customers are segmented according to various characteristics such as age, consumption habits, residence, brand loyalty, etc.

The thus created focus groups may be addressed separately or jointly and we can help in creating their need for the product or service with the package they find attractive.

This is what marketing promises. We will define the circle of your potential consumers, learn of their demographics and define how their needs may be satisfied. We will pave the road to your target audience and use traditional print media as well as digital technological tools to make a return on your marketing investments. Successful marketing investments help in reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

This is why your philosophy and values must by all means appear in every marketing aspect.
web-development image

Web development

Have you seen it on the Internet? Have you found it with a search engine? Online presence is a must today. This area deserves special attention so that web design would be in harmony with your brand. Our target is to look after the visual design of brands we manage and that our Clients could apply online the innovative ideas of Paqart team. The design and functions we develop are always unique and individual. Many of your clients will meet your product or service for the first time here.

Our online media activity does not mean only web design but also include:

  • individual web and application development
  • webshop development
  • hosting service
  • social media marketing activity

Are you interested? Do not hesitate to contact us now.

industrial-design image

Industrial design

Artists have always played a decisive role in creating the harmony between form and function as well as between colours and signs in the man-made environment. Our top-quality design can help your products to become successful with consumers and users and to be head and shoulders above competitor products.

Product design must make the products and brands easy to identify and recognise.

In design tasks prototype models are produced using our state-of-the-art tools to facilitate decision-making. You are presented with the most modern solutions that are developed by our colleagues, who have an extensive knowledge of materials, by taking into consideration the technological possibilities and limitation of production, and the thus created work may indeed be implemented economically and in good quality.

Your product design and function will exhibit the most outstanding characteristics of your product.

Do not hesitate to contact us now.

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