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Bonafarm pet food

Bonafarm's Autentic Silver is the firm’s mid-range product line. The colours appearing on the packaging help to choose the flavouring. The dog and cat leaning out of the frame makes the packaging more airy and playful. The icons on the bag help you to read the product features.

Pro Portion Finest is a premium product range for breeders. We characterized the product as a crucial component in professional pet keeping and breeding. Furthermore, while developing the image of the new range, we also got involved in coming up with the new name (Pro, Portion, Proportion). The result is an internationally understandable, easy to remember brand name. We focused on emphasizing the elegant, exclusive appearance, the real meat content and the beneficial effects of the product. The colour combinations indicate the flavour and the main nutrients.

Authentic Gold is another premium product line of Bonafarm. For the dog and cat food, made from real meat, we designed an appearance through the packaging that indicates the outstanding quality. Eye-catching colours distinguish between the varieties and they make the product dominate the store shelves. The icon set displayed on the packaging lists the beneficial effects of the contained nutrients.